Learning to Dress yourself

Oh you think you've been dressing yourself but college is about to be a whole new experience. It's not that what you wear put you in a clique like it did in high school, it's that people judge you... openly openly judge you. I know, because I do it.

So the important thing first is to get some basics for the start of school. This is important in april because you need to start amassing the RIGHT wardrobe... READ: not a BIG wardrobe because your living space is roughly the size of your dining room table and your storage size is even less.

dress up for the first day of class- this will not only draw stares but it basically tells your classmates and professors that you're new. If anything, keep it simple. Jeans and a tee shirt are never a wrong choice.

over do the make up/hair gel- Girls, less is more applies at college because SURPRISE you will actually see people outside of your classes at parties, downtown, wherever... if you ruin the surprise by piling on the make up every day, you will look high maintenance and no one will want to be your friend. Boys, the same rule applies to that fauxhawk you're rocking. I have one... but use hair putty, not gel.

wear something you love- that should be obvious. The better you feel about yourself the more you'll smile and talk in class. If you act like the shit, scared freshman (read: not the readers of this blog) will flock to you and then YOU get the pick of the litter.

bring a backpack (but leave the books)- we get it, it's your first time OWNING your textbooks. That coolness will wear off when your $500 chemistry textbook is non-returnable at the end of the year because a new edition came out. Dicks. What type of bookbag you pick is up to you, but make sure your laptop fits in it and that you can run in it. You will need to catch a bus at some point and I hate to break it to you, but it is impossible to look cool while running with a bookbag.

Now, college doesn't have cliques per se, but there are still styles. Embrace yours... it will not limit your friends the way it did in high school as long as you wear it instead of letting it wear you. It is important to pick a style because otherwise your wardrobe will look a little schizo and be hard to actually wear...6

Greek- So you decided to rush. Or you're a wannabe. That's not really for me to judge (at least not unless you go to UGA and I see you walking around, then all bets are off).
Girls: gone are the days of pearls and full skirts (except during rush but those rules are way over my head). You're looking at stick straight hair, either down, in a ponytail or up. The key is to make it look like you roll out of bed looking like an angel. How long a messy bun takes can be our little secret. I hate to say it but around here tee-shirts and running shorts are going to be your every day attire and probably leggings. Jeans, Northface, and blouses you bought downtown for horrendous prices. At football games you need to be in a tea length dress of your schools colors. This isn't about sports, it's about being better than everyone else.
Boys: Not much has changed in the past 40 years for you. You will need a suit and probably a blazer, definitely some slacks... it's just how it is. You will also need to stock up on tee shirts (that fit, not too tight and not oversized), polos, darkwash jeans that FIT, and cargo shorts. Your hair should be short or fauxhawked... once again you're supposed to look like you poop coolness and wearing labels makes it look like you want it too much.

Outdoorsy- Clearly these are the people who place functionality over fashion, but it doesn't mean they aren't judging each other. I hate to be a label chaser, but there are some things you just need if you want to make it with the kids who do things like slack lining and eno'ing. First: Chacos. No matter what else you're wearing if you've got these on, a little outdoorsy street cred is headed your way. And here is a plug for the amazing new friendship bracelet style. A Northface jacket and rain jacket are also high on your priority list. If you can, rustle up some old tee-shirts from summer camp and khaki shorts. A wrist full of friendship bracelets is a nice touch. I would seperate boys and girls out here but the rules are pretty much the same. Boys, short hair... girls short or long doesn't matter as long as you can go a week without washing it (if need be). This look doesn't follow many trends, but stays resolutely absent of glitz and glamour, although you can still look good in it, it's all about fit!

Art Major- Everything you read about greeks and outdoorsy kids... do the opposite. Boys, make your jeans and shirts as tight as possible. Girls, huge skirts, floppy crocheted berets, unrealistically proportioned shirts and something from a thrift store. It's important that everthing you have be one of a kind so shop in unconventional places, better yet... make your own clothes! Skip the regular bookbag and opt for a messenger bag, or just your portfolio case. if you HAVE to buy something at a normal store then accessorize with intricate, unique or gaudy pieces... it's all about standing out. Some other trends to watch are retro red lips, high wasted skirts with floral prints and cardigans (guys that last one is you too)

Science Major- We're back to function over fashion for the science majors. you are basically the opposite of art majors. Jeans, chucks and tee-shirts are your go to style. If you have tee shirts from science olympiad, ap classes or anything with the periodic table of elements, your set. I won't say that when these people walk around campus they are the envy of everyone they know, but they blend in well. Clearly studying and getting to the library is more important than time in front of your mirror. Just don't get too casual, you want to look put together always so don't wear jeans to shreds ( better to hem them than to walk off the backs) and don't be afraid of a little make up or hair gel once in a while... basic will do just fine for your no-nonsense take on your classes, and your professors will appreciate that you don't look like your in class to find a date.

Hipster- Realistically, to be truly hipster you'd have to the opposite of whatever advice I could possibly give you because hipsters... well whatever they like is simply too obscure for outsiders. But I dabble in some hipster (when I'm not being outdoorsy) and my boyfriend is obsessed with it. To the point of me counting my jeans when he comes over. Boys: your looking at longer hair or a fauxhawk and facial hair. Flannel shirts are excellent, tight jeans, chucks or toms. Beanies, beanies with brims or those sweet hats with ear flaps are all great choices. Peacoats are always in style for this crowd and anything vintage or thrift store. A healthy supply of band tee shirts cant hurt and boys, a white belt is a surefire win. Girls, your look is similar to the art students, but slightly less over the top and jeans and flannel are definitely encouraged.

Now that you've got your basic look, let's talk about partying it up, we'll start with clothes but there's a LOT more to college partying than what the movies let you in on.

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